Stanstead Abbotts: The grand opening of the Play Park and gym

On Saturday morning (18 September) Stanstead Abbotts Parish council proudly opened the revamped play park and introduced the brand new out door gym.

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:30 am, which was open to all and was attended by many from the village. Chairman of SAPC Mike Dormon cut the red ribbon to mark the opening.

Libby’s, a local cafe, organised the refreshments with free tea and coffee for all and a cake sale at a discount.

Kim Hale at the Co Op arranged other drinks and snacks, Rob Horslen owner and trainer at Life Change Fitness gave everyone some training tips and B’loons from the High St arranges a colourful display on the gates to welcome everyone to the fun.

The Ribbon being cut at 10:30 am

What was there for the kids?

Shortly after 10:30, there was a treasure hunt that all the children could take part in with 20 goodie bags for them to find as well as 10 other mystery prizes.

There was free Ribena to keep them hydrated and they were also allowed to burn off some energy in the brand new play park!

The children enjoying the play park

What was there for adults?

The grown ups weren’t left out at this event! For those who tried out the gym, there were 20 adult gym related goodie bags up for grabs, in two of these there was a voucher for Life Change Fitness. But, if you didn’t win one you didn’t miss out, there were also prizes for the adults that gave the gym equipment a go.

The brand new gym

Overall, it was a fantastic event hosted by Stanstead Abbotts Parish Council, now that Covid restrictions have been lifted hopefully there are any more to come.

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