The Evergreens

Written by Rosemary Imroth:

 The 19th of August our first meeting since lockdown was really special – firstly it was in the delightful garden of Ruth Swallow and at the same time, we were able to wish Kath Baker congratulations on her 100th birthday a few days before.  

Kath celebrating her 100th birthday

She has been a member of the Evergreens for so many years that no-one can remember exactly how many! A second garden party was held on Monday 13th September but due to rain, we were royally entertained in the conservatory and massive breakfast room of Hill House. 

Our host was our President, Jonathan Pilkington, and he made us so welcome, as he does every year. We are now meeting regularly at Stanstead Abbotts Parish Hall on Mondays. from 2 till 4pm.  

Anyone over 60 is welcome to join us.  Each session costs £1.50 and includes tea, with bread and butter and cake.

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