Fireworks night at St Margaretsbury

Wondering where you can go to watch the fireworks?

St Margaretsbury recreation ground are offering a bonfire and fireworks display that is set to be a fantastic night for the whole family.

Where is it?

The display is taking place on the St Margaretsbury recreation ground in St Margarets (SG12 8EH).

A quick and easy way to get directions is to scan the barcode below on your phone.

How much will it cost?

You can pay card or cash at the gate entrance.

  • £16 Family of 4
  • £6 Adults
  • £4 Under 14 yrs
  • FREE Under 3yrs

What time is it?

The Gates to the grounds will open at 4:00pm.

The mini funfair and bar will also be open at 4:00pm.

Then the bonfire will be lit at approximately  6:30pm

The display will finish around 7:30pm depending on actual start time.

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