Christmas with The 3 Churches Benefice

We were able to celebrate the birth of Christ with some outside events, alongside our online services, which were enjoyed by members of our regular congregation and lots of newcomers that we swept along with us!

Christmas Carols, which we held on Sunday 19th December, outside The Red Lion was a great event with over 50 of us singing along to favourite carols. It was very festive and a wonderful way to get together in the lead up to Christmas. We had a lot of fun!

Christmas Carols outside The Red Lion, Stanstead Abbotts

We held The Christmas Journey on Christmas Eve. We met at St Margarets Station, with many in attendance dressed as shepherds and angels. We then walked to St Andrew’s Church, along the high street, as we reimagined the Christmas Journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Unfortunately, there was no room at any inn where we stopped to sing carols and hear the Bible readings! By the time we reached the ‘stable’ at St Andrew’s we had swelled in number. It was a really fantastic event with lots of children getting involved and, of course, big thanks to our inn keepers and their patrons for joining in so enthusiastically.

Thanks to all who helped organise these events and all those who joined us in person.

For more information about The 3 Churches Benefice, visit our website: .

Rev’d Dr Sarah Forrest, Priest in Charge

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