Great Amwell Beacon Event: a fantastic evening!

On Thursday 2nd June residents of Great Amwell were able to meet on the Vicar’s Field (with the kind permission of St. John the Baptist School) and enjoy the sunshine and some fun together before the Platinum Jubilee beacon lighting at 9:45, to coincide with all other beacons across the Commonwealth.  Some lively games of rounders were played, children and adults had their faces painted and the souvenir mugs were handed out to provide a memento of what was truly a unique event, all to a well-judged soundtrack of music that easily overcame the neighbouring music festival.

Image courtesy of William Brown

The beacon was lit by Tom Foy as Chair of Great Amwell Parish Council and was spectacular. Indeed, someone called the fire brigade who were obliged to attend; although on a night of national beacon-lighting, this was probably not the only place that this happened. Hopefully, the young who came will look back in years to come and be able to say, ‘I remember the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee’.

Image courtesy of William Brown

The event was organised by Suzie Nichol and supported by East Herts District Council, Great Amwell Parish Council, St. John the Baptist Church and Parish Hall, the Amwell Society, and generous private donations.

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