Brilliant Beacon Event at Easneye!

On Thursday June 2nd, around 150 people were present at the Easneye field – at the invitation of Nicholas and Henrietta Buxton – and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The late sun was shining on the trees with a golden glow as villagers arrived, from 8.30pm onwards, to gaze down to Hoddesdon and far beyond to the City of London and Canary Wharf. People happily picnicked and enjoyed refreshments from the bar as the late sun sank out of sight and the music became more patriotic. From his trailer, Nicholas Buxton delivered a rousing speech extolling the long reign of Her Majesty the Queen, before going over to the enormous bonfire and lighting it – dead on 9.45pm – so that it took its place in the official network of beacons across the country.

Thanks are due to the Buxton family for the welcome on to their land, for the work that went into building the beacon and providing the music. Volunteers were supervising the parking and running the bar and a committee had met several times to ensure that everything was in place. Stanstead Abbotts Parish Council very much appreciates and thanks all of those people who made the beacon happen.

Julia Davies

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