The Three Villages Magazine: Issue 3 is here!

The September issue of The Three Villages Magazine has published and is available to purchase for £1 across the three villages. Be sure to pick up your copy!

You can find it at a number of locations including:
St John the Baptist, Great Amwell
St Mary the Virgin, St Margarets
St Andrew’s, Stanstead Abbots
The Village Pharmacy
The Red Lion
The Maltings Coffee House
Stanstead Abbotts & St Margarets Village Club

We hope that you enjoy this latest issue. If you are struggling to get a hold of a copy, please do be in touch and we will see how we can help.

Thank you for your continued support,
The Three Villages Team


  • Please will you report on the impending threat of a huge quarry being approved by HCC to be dug on the edge of our villages.
    This is extremely worrying as it will carve into green belt farm land and will operate over 20 years making mud, dust and noise continuously!
    Surely this is pertinent to our village news?
    Carol Wenham


    • Thanks for your comment. We are putting together a report on this now, which will publish in due course. A pressing issue, indeed.


      • We only have until 30th September to submit official comments to the ‘consultation’ offered by the council.
        It’s a very difficult and time consuming effort to comply with this, but we must – as individuals and whole communities. Otherwise it will seem that we are completely happy to have our surroundings ruined for a generation or more!
        Can you speak with the Parish councils about this?
        I believe a meeting for all villagers is being considered – but we must act quickly!


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