Stanstead Abbotts Archaeology update

The five-day Webster’s site Community Archaeological Dig at Netherfield Lane in June this year has prompted more research by the Heritage Group. They went to view a 2020 AD recreation of a building/shelter from evidence similar to that found close to the site in Roydon Road. It’s of the Mesolithic Age (12,000–6,000 years ago) at Butser Ancient Farm, Hants.

Photo credit: Alison Etherington

This photo is probably as close as we can get to recreating the Mesolithic Site at Roydon Road. Flint tools were discovered by groundworkers in 1971 when excavating before building a garden swimming pool. Local Archaeologists were called in to discover approximately 1500 flint tools dating to approx 6–10,000 years ago, made by our early ancestors. Their findings also revealed evidence that a shelter built so long ago was against the roots of a large fallen tree. The report is on SALHS website entitled ‘10,000 year old Mesolithic site found at Stanstead Abbotts’, media page 3. Full report can be viewed on the Historic Environment Records at Hertfordshire Archives and Local history.

A full report of the finds from Webster’s Site excavations discovered by more than 50 local villagers (finds including 12,000-year-old flints, Roman pottery from a villa, medieval coins & pottery, Tudor pipe stems and other items of interest to our village history) will be completed soon and be available to all.

These and other finds are adding to recent research in building up a picture of our village beginnings – certainly from 2–3,000 BC and even (surprising news!) of the village in the personal ownership, in 690 AD, of one King Sweafred… of ESSEX!  If you are interested in further research in our past, whether from early to medieval history, the group would like to hear from you. Contact .    

Dick Dixon, Local History Society Archives & Heritage Group member

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