Quiz Night for St John’s Church Tower Repair Fund

The fundraising Quiz Night for St John’s Church Tower Repair Fund will take place on Friday 14th October in the Great Amwell Parish Hall, 7pm for a 7.30pm prompt start. Tickets cost £15 and include a supper, which will be either fish/chicken and chips or a vegetarian option. Bring own drinks and glasses.

Book (indicating food option) with Bryan Brace (01992 447845 / bjbrace122@gmail.com) or Richard Mellor (01920 460474 / richardmellor@btinternet.com).


  • Doesn’t this clash with the public meeting being held at the same time – to inform the community about the latest developments re:the huge quarry threatening our villages?
    Personally I’d say the quarry issues are the most pressing. Perhaps you could help raise awareness of this meeting. Our MP is talking and the HCC consultation period ends on 29th October so our comments must be made by then.


    • Unfortunately, it does clash. The Quiz night has been organised for a long time now and the Public Meeting has been delayed after initially there being difficulty finding a date.

      We have posted about this issue on 22nd September and 4th October in our News & Events blog. We also post and share updates on our Facebook page regularly. We will do our best to continue to keep people updated.


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