Men’s Breakfast at The Wilshere Hall

In November, among a generous helping of bacon, beans, bangers and eggs, we were served a fascinating discussion on biblical building. Inspired by John’s excellent testimony on life in the building industry (October) we explored teachings in 1 Peter, Ephesians and Genesis. Surprisingly, the Bible became a very enlightening instruction tool on how to build; especially interesting and challenging when we learned we are the building materials being used to create the building. It certainly induces feelings of wonder, security and responsibility (to name but a few). The God that created the universe chooses to dwell in us rather than build himself some other, far more perfect, dwelling place.

Ever felt alone, unsure of your purpose or want to be more aware of the amazing role you have to play in our world? Then do join us for a full English breakfast served with a conference of cornflakes (sorry – what is the collective noun for cornflakes?) where, next, we will be examining what the Bible has to say about building roads.

We meet next on Saturday 31 December, from 8:30 in The Wilshere Hall, St Andrew’s Church. Email the benefice administrator ( to book your bangers.

Steve Wright

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