Issue 6: Cover Photograph Winner!

The winner of our Issue 6 cover photograph competition is the wonderful image ‘Rainbow River’ by Gary Forrest.

Rainbow River © Gary Forrest

Gary moved to the three villages along with his family in September 2020 and in his spare time has taken some lovely photographs of the area, including this winning image.

We asked Gary about his photography and here’s what he said:
‘I have been into photography ever since I can remember and have spent a lot of my time doing big game photography in Zimbabwe which was never dull, and I’ve got a lot of stories that I laugh at now but were certainly not funny at the time. Photography around the UK is different, and dare I say it, more interesting, in the way there are clear cut seasons and the amazing variation of photography you can experience just in one place over a year. The historical side is also captivating, and something we never had at home – and I do now and again get a shot of squirrel falling out a tree.’

Thanks to Gary for letting us use this enchanting photograph on our cover.

Issue 6 will be published at the start of June, so if you haven’t done so already, get your copy of Issue 5 before it disappears!

Thank you for your continued support,
The Three Villages Team.

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