Newcomers to Great Amwell!

We are delighted to have some newcomers to Great Amwell – six cygnets at Amwell Pool!

Jenny Hanson, a very gifted local photographer whose work is featured on the cover of The Three Villages Magazine: Issue 4 (December 2022), has kindly shared some of the images she has taken of the new arrivals.

Jenny said, ‘I first spotted three on Thursday 27th April in the morning. One had just hatched as it was still wet. The others may have been that morning or the night before. On Friday morning there were five and by the afternoon there were six. They were out on the water on Saturday and luckily, unlike the previous two years, we didn’t need Swan Rescue to build a ramp. I went there every day as we were worried the water level would drop, but the water level was nice and high. Gill and Kevin from Swan Rescue did swing by to check all was well on Saturday morning.’

It is lovely to see the cygnets enjoying the safety of Amwell Pool!


  • Wonderful news. Lovely photos Thank you Jenny


  • Richard Samways.

    Thank you so very much Jenny!. I have closely & passionately followed this couple for a few years & have been checking regularly(about 40 times a year) ,but missed the hatching & Cygnets on the pool area this year!. I’ve been expecting them & was recently there Apr 29 when the Pen was on the nest still but not showing any Cygnets. &on May 6 & 11 & they had disappeared entirely on the whole stretch of water between the ‘Pool’ area & about a mile upstream past Stanstead Abbots & the other direction up to Ware level crossing. Would you know where they have headed?. Thank you , your photo’s are brilliant! & put my mind at rest & warmed my heart!.- Richard.


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